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It’s safe to say that our first and most vital pillar is the consumer electronics arm. As we discovered the potential for growth and scale for the electronics industry in Egypt, we had to seize the opportunity and take the lead.

Due to our hard work, enhancements, and partnerships, we became one of Egypt’s leading entities for importing and distributing consumer electronics, recognized and awarded by globally renowned brands like Sony and Haier.


Since the establishment of IBS, we have focused on gaining top market insights to understand the market needs, which resulted in having successful partnerships with the leading international electronics brands such as Sony, BenQ, MAX, Gaems, SanDisk, DXRacer, Oraimo, and others to be their sole distributor in Egypt. While also establishing strong partnerships with Egypt’s top electronics and gaming retailers and direct sellers, including Carrefour, B.Tech, 2B, Select, and Compu-Me, thus building a strong network of local and international partners. At the same time, we directly reach our customers from established stores and provide global gaming consoles, gaming chairs, accessories, and mobile and laptop accessories. Over the past 21 years, we have been keen to not only provide products and accessories but also to provide an experience! — Along with our partner retailers, we created multiple competitions and experiences that elevated the gaming mindset of Egyptian current and -back then- potential gamers of different generations and preferences. Today, we can distribute over 25,000 consoles, 15,000 peripherals, and 35,000 software annually.

Today, we can distribute annually








Having retailers and end-users believing in the products, services, and bundles we provide made us eager to expand and reach customers in every city in Egypt and over the years, we established a strong network of distribution that covers more than 20 cities in Egypt, represented in more than 130 outlets and retailers; to serve and cover all the needs in the market today. We are on a mission of ongoing expansion to our network of partners and retailers. Our distribution network spans Organized Retail, Individual Retail, Online Retail, and Distribution Channels, including Mobile Network Operators and Hypermarkets.

Our Top Partner Retail Distributors

Our Online Retail Distributors

Service center


By building our fleet of logistical forces, we ensured that all the products were imported and shipped to the retailers on time, at the precise location, thus maintaining and enhancing the commercial traffic momentum.

By cutting out the intermediary shipping and logistics efforts, we can oversee, audit, and control the quality of each shipment checkpoint from when the shipment lands to when it’s delivered to the shelves of retailers and to add-along with our marketing and operations teams- the shopping experience touchpoints we would love the end-user to enjoy.

Service center


Driven by our commitment to serve excellence and to offer an uncompromised and complete customer experience, we have established IBS Care to provide our customers with top servicing for all the products that we are distributing, such as PlayStation, MAX products, and more.
We also became the only authorized service center for all Sony product lines in Egypt, with a team of well-trained professionals and certified technicians servicing under- and out-of-warranty devices.
We also established a SanDisk authorized service center for all SanDisk and Western Digital product lines, with more than eight collection points across Cairo and Giza. Our service centers are expanding to cover more areas nationwide.

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