The electronics industry in Egypt and the MEA region is still booming. We capitalize on that by providing our customers with the best products and services, thus maintaining their satisfaction rate to rank our vendors higher in our markets.

Our mindset has always been focused on partnering with the best international brands and providing the best customer service to our customers and partners; thus, we expand our potential and actual partnerships daily in our core consumer electronics pillar or other subsidiaries.


Egypt is projected to have a steady growth in the construction industry, and from that insight, IBS decided to establish RAWASI for building and construction in 2018. Rawasi is an Arabic term that reflects our perspective of building edifices that stand on level grounds to reveal deep rooted concepts. RAWASI handles design-build, infrastructure, general contracting, landscape, renovation, rehabilitation, and maintenance in the following sectors: Business, Industrial, residential, institutional, and commercial. RAWASI’s Strong connections with its trusted suppliers empower it to cater to the extensive requirements of large construction and contracting deals. RAWASI is currently working on a project of 10,000 m2 in the New Capital, a factory building in Asyut, and residential buildings in the 5th settlement.

IES International Energy Solutions

IBS established its subsidiary “IES” in 2015 as a Solar Energy Solution providing solar cells and energy panels. IES also solely provided Haier water heaters and welling. Since its establishment, IES has been the go-to for large-scale clients such as Palm Hills Real Estate; in their project, we delivered and installed 750 water heaters with 250L capacity. According to the Egyptian government’s renewable energy plan, Egypt intends to increase the supply of electricity generated from renewable sources to 20% by 2022 and 42% by 2035, with wind providing 15% hydropower, 2%, and solar 25% by 2035.

i station

iStation is IBS Distribution’s Electronic Retailer, established in 2016 with 8 Retail shops located in Cairo and Giza, and we plan to increase the shops to 25 nationwide to be able to reach different people in different locations. iStation provides the right gadgets to the gamers to perfect the gaming experience; in the form of gaming consoles, gaming chairs and accessories, as well as mobile and laptop accessories all iStation’s products have the guarantee of the authorized local distributor, IBS. According to a study done in 2019 to know the Gaming Console market share, PlayStation was number one with 66.55% of the market share. Utilizing this insight and under IBS distribution, we continue communicating and partnering with large-scale international brands such as Sony to import and distribute their gaming consoles and accessories in Egypt.

IBS Medical

Egypt’s medical device market is the second-largest in the Middle East. Sales of medical devices totaled USD 20 million in 2018. As Egypt produces very little medical equipment, the vast majority of the market is supplied by imports. That’s why we established Roya for medical devices in 2017 as the only authorized distributor of VIMS, the French-made imaging medical devices.

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