About IBS

When Egypt was on the verge of entering a new digital era, especially in the last decade of the twentieth century, the demand for consumer electronics products and ICT services went higher than ever. This is why, in 1996, we established the International Business Systems Group (IBS), which evolved to become a shareholding company in 2001.

We have been among the first importing companies in Egypt to introduce international consumer electronics brands such as Dell Computers, PlayStation Consoles by Sony, BenQ, Asus, and other streamlined consumer electronics. We provided these electronics for the government sector, the private sector, and individual consumers, thus elevating Egypt’s technology resources and devices, advancing it forward, and helping it enter a new digital era. We accomplished this by partnering up with the most prominent international names in the market, Sony, BenQ, San Disk, Haier, Vsun, and TP-Link, to become their sole distributor of high-end electronics in Egypt.

Through a successful quarter-century, we have succeeded in putting an initial capital of $100,000 into operations and witnessed its multiplication over the years to stand today in front of a firm foundation with a portfolio of 6 subsidiaries and more than 10 sole distribution agreements for reputable global brands; a group’s portfolio worth more than $2.7 million in market value. Following a wise leadership that uses every opportunity to expand, the group has added diversification to its portfolio, including -and is not limited to investments in sectors like distribution, retail, renewable energy, medical supplies, agricultural, and construction sectors.


Our vision is to become the leading distributor of consumer electronics in the Middle East and Africa, expanding its reach beyond Egypt. We plan to achieve this by accommodating our capabilities, continuously adapting to the market needs, and providing in-demand products and services in diverse markets of different cultural, social, and economic realms, enabling us to penetrate and lead new venues.

our team

Our team has top in-market expertise and professionals in the core fields of Human Resources, Business Development, Sales Force, CRM, Marketing and Marketing Strategist, Finance, Customer Support, Technical Support, and Logistics fleet. All the departments work in synergy under the leadership of our Founder and CEO, Engineer Mohamed Sameh.

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Our journey started with the vision and deep understanding of the dynamic changes in the Egyptian market. Our mission has always been to provide high-quality products and services at an affordable price; therefore, we developed the business portfolio in different industries achieving variable milestones serving different markets successfully and effectively.

Engineer Mohamed Sameh CEO OF IBS GROUP